Realize Your Dreams

Taking your dreams from your head to an actual model or concept takes some work. Fifthwater can make the process easier with services designed around taking your project from the paper napkin design to the finished product.

Design the Project

The first step is getting a good design. If you already have one, no problem. If you do not, we offer professional services around designing your product.

Prepare your Design

Next step is preparing your design for 3D printing. Whether you have a CAD file or you have exported your STL file from your 3D program, you need to translate that into a 3D printer file. Fifthwater has professionals dedicated to taking your design and efficiently and effectively printing.

Print and Post Production

3D printing is much like any other manufacturing process. You may still need to sand, polish or paint your finished product. Fifthwater offers everything from the final processing to painting, polishing or chroming your designs. If you need that finished look for your prototypes or designs, we can help you.

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