Architect / Builder

Models sell designs! Architects get the most from 3D printing. A simple CAD drawing can be transformed into a 3D model and printed in full color.

Designers / Engineers / Entrepreneurs

Got a great design? See how it looks in real life with 3D printing. This quick prototyping method saves thousands and gives you the opportunity to make changes quickly.


You don’t have to have a degree in mechanical engineering to love 3D printing. If you are interested and curious, we have solutions for you.

Solutions for Architects & Builders

Models sell designs! As an architect or home builder, you know that if your clients can get the right visual, they will buy the design. Fifthwater can take your computer CAD files or even physical blueprints and transform them into accurate, detailed 3D models in a matter of hours. 3D printing gives you all the materials and technology to create both concept models and full color architectural detailed models.

Solutions for Designers, Engineers & Entrepreneurs

Reduce the process of getting something made. It used to be that the first one cost $100,000 and the second one cost 30 cents. With 3D printing, you can cheaply create prototypes of your designs to discover any physical limitations or change in design needs. Get much faster ROI on your designs and see them in a real, working fashion in a matter of hours with 3D printing for prototyping. Fifthwater can create your designs quickly, accurately, and in your choice of many different materials.

Solutions for Everyone

We at Fifthwater are looking forward and envision a future of 3D printing for everyone, consumers and businesses alike. If you are just plain interested in 3D printing and would like to get your designs printed in a variety of materials, we can help you. Take your project from the hobby printer to something more professional at a decent price with Fifthwater 3D printing services.

Ready to try it out?

If you have a desire to get started with 3D printing, feel like you need a new service, or would like more information about our capabilities and materials we can print in at Fifthwater, contact us.